In the sulphurous waters the hydrogen sulphide (H2S) contained in them is to be like one of the modulators of the immune system; for this reason the body is stimulated to react, thanks to it, in inflammation cases and to defeat pathogens.
Two distinguished scholars have shown this, they are the prof. Piero Musiani, an immunologist at the University of Chieti and prof. Robert Gallo of the University of Baltimore. Another famous scholar of a Canadian University, prof. Rui Wang has found that hydrogen sulphide is even a gaseous metabolite produced by human cells and this explains its important role in regulating certain processes of our metabolism.
From the point of view of vascular and immunological, the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Professor. Louis Ignarro Los Angeles, discovered the vasodilator and antioxidant function of hydrogen sulphide. The sulphurous waters are therefore indicated for many diseases of our body, from the ear nose, throat and respiratory diseases, rheumatic, vascular and internistic, making it a valuable help in the prevention, both in the care, both in the REHABILITATION.
The sulfur component combined with a bicarbonate-alkaline earthy component, as in the case of the San Felice water source located inside of the Terme Francescane Spa, also makes them useful in digestive disorders, enhancing the therapeutic qualities. In the thermal treatment it is of great importance also the environment as a context other than clinical hospital means that the treatments performed are less influenced by pre- and post-care stress.
Lately also the ‘World Health Organization has recognized the validity of the thermal treatments and their effectiveness.

GYMNASTICS IN THERMAL SPA WATER: It consists of immersing the body in a swimming pool. The body weight is lightened by up to 90% in order to address the various rehabilitation exercises with significantly reduced effort. It is recommended for the cure of various diseases: muscular deficit, to regain the post-intervention articular movement, for the treatment of osteoarthritis, for the elderly.


GYMNASTICS IN WATER FOR EXPECTANT MOTHERS: The warm water supports the expectant mother allowing water movements useful to remedy the various pains especially in the spine, improves intestinal job thanks to the massage that the water creates around the whole body, removes swelling, edema all over the body, especially in the lower limbs, limits the gastric reflux, cancel or heals inflammation cases of various nerves especially in the sciatic.

  • It optimizes blood circulation,
  • Venous return,
  • Oxygenation in all the apparatus,
  • It promotes weight control,
  • It maintains pressure at low levels,
  • It increases lung capacity,
  • Strengthens the immune system,
  • Prepare the perineal muscles to the efforts of childbirth and puerperium.

POSTURAL ASSESSMENT: The Postural assessment allows to detect skeletal muscle imbalances, which can cause muscle pain in the long term. Also through the assessment will identify the areas of the body that are especially hard, retracted, those that are at the origin of the muscle problem. It is also carried out, the examination podoscope, for display and evaluation of the foot in static condition. It allows to evaluate, for example, if the fingerprint belongs to a flat foot, claw-foot or even normal. The platform also allows visual evaluation of the loads distribution on both foot.

ANALGESIC GYMNASTICS:The antalgic gymnastics is a discipline so-called soft that is performed with weighted and harmonic movements, mainly aimed at alleviating, preventing and reducing muscle and joint pains origins, mainly caused from aging such as the lumbar osteoarthritis, cervical and articular, lower back pain, osteoporosis and arthritis, and so on.
This discipline is part of physical exercises and is suitable for both women and men which need to improve the relationship with their body, and in particular to those who, for various reasons, do not carry out physical activities from long time, but for health reasons they need to follow a complete gymnastic activity which, at the same time, do not overloads on their skeletal system. However it can be practiced at any age, as it improves the movements and teaches you to understand and know your body, furthermore can be also used in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
Is capable of preventing numerous pains on both the skeletal and muscle apparatus caused by sedentary life, biased positions, stiffness of muscles, incorrect and sudden movements, abrupt efforts and trauma. Therefore, gymnastics analgesic is recommended to all those who suffer from cervical, arthritis, back pain, back and lumbar problems, hips, shoulders and hips.
it is also appropriate for those who wish to improve both muscle tone and physical efficiency and for preserving bone mass. Without forgetting that this exercise is a great remedy to relieve nervous tension, states of stress, anxiety and to control their weight. This discipline seems very effective, at any age, to get the postural rebalancing.
Wrong postures generate pathologies of the spine as well as the muscles, with this type of exercise you manage to teach the body to assume and maintain the right posture. This exercise is appropriate for both children and adolescents who are plagued by problems such as lordosis, the cifolordosi, scoliosis, kyphosis, winged shoulder blades, the stiffness of the shoulders, the valgus knee, the weakening of the abdominal muscles, the muscle hypertrophy.
This discipline involves the whole body, following it over time you will get a considerable benefit and well-being on the organism.
To achieve this, it uses a series of stretching exercises of the muscles of the back and both lower and upper limbs, relaxation, breathing, increased both the abdominal muscles back injury, posture correction, massage and self-massage resorting to the use of towels, balls, group exercises and games of various kinds.
By performing antalgic gymnastic exercises you stimulates both the flexibility of the body and spirit, thanks to the fact that the body, mind and energy are associated with each other. This synergy facilitates the individual’s ability to hear and perceive the inner needs of your body in order to make us aware of how they can defeat the pain that afflicts its.

POSTURAL GYMNASTICS: The postural gymnastics is a type of exercise not only important for those who have pain and other disorders of the spine, often also suffering from various problems due to a wrong posture adopted during the course of the day, but also as a preventive measure, in order to prevent the onset of any pain and discomfort in the shoulders and back, annoyances which may become more frequent with age. Normally awkward positions assumed during the day leading to accuse pains in the neck and shoulders, which also often appear curved inward. This type of exercise aims certain “goals,” among whom there is an awareness of one’s posture, improved coordination, a posture rebalancing and of course learning the correct positions to be taken.

REHABILITATION: The term Functional Rehabilitation is a set of treatments that have as their purpose the return to normal sporting and / or daily activities. Re-educate literally means educating a function again, then it assumes you’ve missed the proper use of a system that must be re-educated to normal function.   

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE: Is a particular type of massage practiced in the areas of the body with an excessive reduction of the lymphatic circulation and a stagnation of the liquid.

RELAXING MASSAGE: The relaxing massage helps relieve stress and fatigue. The areas of the body where they accumulate tensions can be manifold: from the head to the neck, arms, back, feet. Thanks to the massage increases the flexibility of the body, improves blood circulation, stimulates the flow of energy and helps to produce a sensation of intense vitality.   

KINESIOTAPING: Method based on the application of a particular type of elastic cotton patch, which does not release any active ingredient and has been patented especially for the treatment of small neurological injury and / or orthopedic. The kinesiotaping is used mostly to relieve pain derived from contractures and muscle tension and the cure of small subcutaneous edema and hematoma.

TENS / ELECTROSTIMULATION: TENS consist of the application on the skin of mild electrical impulses that activate the nerve fibers, reducing the perception of pain. The ELECTROSTIMULATION is used to strengthen and tone the muscles.

CUPPING THERAPY: Application to the skin of cups similar to yogurt pots or glass cups, bamboo or ceramic creating a suction effect which holds the container glued to the body. Produces, as a result, an alteration of the energy flows of the body through a stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation. Cupping can thus be considered a therapy “reflection-stimulating” it exploits the principles of traditional Chinese medicine acting on reflex zones. Therapy very helpful in relaxing massage and detachment of the scars.

PRESSOTHERAPY:  (JACKSON QUEEN PRESS , ONDATTIVA P.2000 EXETICA) Is a therapeutic and aesthetic treatment that improves the functioning of the circulatory system and the lymphatic system in the person who is subjected improving, also, the muscle tone. This treatment, not at all invasive, consists in fact in the exercise of outside pressure on the treated area, by means of an apparatus specifically designed for this task. Usually, the object of the treatment are the limbs, arms or legs, but also the abdominal area is very often treated at the request of patient. The application on the body of the pressure-treatment, regardless of which is the area that is to be treated in a single session, allows the pursuit of multiple effects, all positive and benefits for the body: -Imperfections caused by cellulite -water retention -Overweight -Toning of tissues.
Regarding an even general discourse, however, the pressure therapy treatments allow the tone of the treaty body tissues (especially the legs, arms and abdomen) in order to facilitate both the circulation that the elimination of excess fluid in the body. But not only that: it also has to be said, as a result of such a treatment, the patient who has undergone perceives a feeling of general well-being and a pleasant sense of lightness in the treated limbs.   
Some categories of people who can not undergo pressure therapy, ie those suffering from:
– Blood or heart failure
– Varicose veins
– Thrombosis
– Pregnant women

ELETTROSTIMOLAZIONE, RAGGI INFRAROSSI: (SLIM UP) Elettrostimolazione muscolare con tonificazione distrettuale, riduzione dell’adiposità e degli inestetismi della pelle (cellulite). Slim up rassoda, snellisce, modella e funge da analgesico ed antistress.

– Vasodilatazione superficiale
– Azione decontratturante
– Aumento della temperatura con maggiore ossigenazione, riduzione Pressione arteriosa e aumento frequenza cardiaca.
– Aumento dell’eliminazione di anidride carbonica -Effetti benefici sulla diuresi
– Perdita di peso e liquidi in eccesso
Distretti corporei interessati: Glutei, cosce, addome, seno, viso.  

HORIZONTAL THERAPY:(PRO ElctDT 2000 , HAKOMED): L’Horizontal Therapy è un elettro-magneto-terapia innovativa, con la quale si riesce ad ottenere nello stesso tessuto simultaneamente diversi effetti già conosciuti in medicina fisica.È proprio l’abbinamento di questi diversi effetti terapeutici nello stesso tessuto che permette di ottenere in tante patologie effetti immediati, ma soprattutto duraturi nel tempo. Particolarmente buoni risultati si ottiene trattando: -Artrosi: nell’artrosi si ha nella fase iniziale e intermedia un effetto immediato e duraturo nel tempo. Nella fase 3, cioè in assenza di cartilagine, si deve operare. Sono stati effettuati diversi studi clinici che hanno evidenziato questi effetti. -Sindromi radicolari: Buoni risultati sia nella zona cervicale che lombare. Esempio: l’Università di Verona ha dimostrato con diversi studi pubblicati che si hanno un effetto particolarmente buono nel trattamento del dolore dei crolli vertebrali dovuti all’osteoporosi. -Traumi sportivi: ottimo anche l’effetto antiedemigeno nella fase acuta, riducendo il tempo di recupero. I trattamenti posso essere iniziati subito, non esiste una contra-indicazione nella fase acuta. -Trattamenti post-operatori: non avendo alcun riscaldamento e chiodi, viti, placche metalliche e protesi non sono contro-indicate, si possono iniziare i trattamenti da subito. Gli effetti che si ottengono sono: -Riduzione del dolore tramite la ridistribuzione dei mediatori del dolore -Riduzione della creazione di un edema, destabilizzando la struttura molecolare dell’acqua e miorilassando i tessuti. -Acceleramento della guarigione delle ferite.

TECAR + BALNEOFANGOTERAPIA: La tecarterapia è una tecnica che stimola energia sottoforma di calore all’interno dei tessuti biologici attivando i naturali processi riparativi e antinfiammatori. Per ottenere un risultato ottimale e duraturo nel tempo è bene associare la tecar ad esercizi in acqua termale o a fangoterapia. L’aggiunta degli effetti antinfiammatori dovuta alle proprietà delle acque e delle argille termali completa e accelera i tempi di recupero nelle fasi riabilitative.  

MISURAZIONE BIOIMPEDENZIOMETRICA: Misurazione della percentuale di: -massa magra, -massa grassa, -acqua corporea -metabolismo basale.

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