Perugia, Augusta Perusia

Art city, rich in history and monuments, founded by the Etruscans, is the cultural hub of the region, tourism and university center destination.
In Roman times it acquires the title of Augusta Perusia, granted to it by the emperor Augusto after it was rebuilt after the fire due to the Bellum Perusinum in 41 B.C.

Perugia boasts numerous works of art and monuments, a destination for tourism from all over the world. Examples are the Fontana Maggiore, of medieval times, the Etruscan Arch, dating from the third century B.C., the Rocca Paolina symbol of papal power. The city was the birthplace of the famous painter Bernardino di Betto Betti, known as Pinturicchio.
The city hosts major events of international interest, such as Umbria Jazz, the most important festival of Jazz in Italy and takes place in July. The Eurochocolate and the March for Peace PerugiaAssisi every two years taking place both in October.
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